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your aircraft.

As individual as you.

Customized flightdecks tailor-made for your needs.


How elvo can help you. 

ELVO is specialized in Avionics. Together with you, we find best possible avionics solutions tailor-made for your needs. You also need mechanical work done? We can combine avionics and mechanical work, so downtime of your aircraft can be shortened and you will be back in the air soon with a new feeling in flight. 

AvioniCS upgrades

We are your partner when it comes to avionics upgrades. Stay current with technology, meet all regulatory standards, enhance safety and efficiency, and ensure the long-term value and capability of your aircraft.

avionicS inspections

We carry out avionics inspections to ensure that your systems are in proper working condition, comply with regulations and standards, and are safe and reliable for use in flight.


Successful troubleshooting guaranteed: We identify the problem, diagnose the root cause and implement solutions. 

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Who we are.

At the heart of this passionate team lies a shared love for aviation. Roman, Thomas and Carina are often found huddled together to work on aircrafts, tailored to the needs of its owners. They work tirelessly, driven by a singular purpose: to make flying safer, more efficient, and more exhilarating.

where you find us.

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Flugplatz Krems-Langenlois

Working With the Best

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